DINING FOR A CAUSE is an evening where WAB gives back to charitable organizations. The fundraising event takes place here on a specified evening. The benefiting organization will promote the DINING FOR A CAUSE event to community members, friends and family.  The organization will receive 15% of the sales (excluding tax and gratuity) from the organization’s guests when the customer mentions the fundraiser to their server. DINING FOR A CAUSE is usually held on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening, from 4pm-11pm, dine-in only.  Additional or special hours may be requested; however, the event date/time will be determined by WAB, upon event approval. After approval, you will submit a jpeg logo to us by email, so that we may create your promotional flyer. It is the responsibility of the organization to print and distribute the promotional flyer. For a successful fundraiser, distribution of at least 500 flyers is recommended, as well as posting on social media, websites and email distribution. DINING FOR A CAUSE must be mentioned to waitstaff during the reserved event time in order to receive the 15% of sales donation.  Waitstaff will print the guest checks of all of the DINING FOR A CAUSE customers.  Guest checks will be tallied up the following day and within 3 business days, a check will be cut to your organization for 15% of sales from customers who mentioned your cause.


Please review the following guidelines and complete and submit the DINING FOR A CAUSE application on the website. Please note that your application must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to requested event date. 

Guests must mention DINING FOR A CAUSE or the name of your organization to their server during your event, in order to have the sale counted.  

Seating cannot be guaranteed for large parties. even though it is the organization’s scheduled day, WAB cannot give preferential seating,  and therefore a large party may have an additional wait.

Flyers or display posters cannot be distributed or posted on premises of WAB. This must be communicated by the organization to all persons distributing flyers. In accordance with our no solicitation policy, organizations are not permitted to display or distribute any signage, pamphlets or other propaganda for the organization’s scheduled fundraiser on premises. You must receive approval from any private property owner if you wish to distribute flyers or display posters (i.e. placing flyers on cars, handing out at shopping centers, mailboxes, etc.). The organization will be responsible for paying any littering or postal fines if this rule is violated.

We provide the fun and casual atmosphere that we always offer for the organization’s fans, friends and family to enjoy! We expect you to provide: - completed application - promotion of event, printing and distribution of flyers or email distribution of the promotional material to your supporters.


  •  Personally delivering flyers and chatting about the event is by far the best way to get people to come to your DINING FOR A CAUSE event
  • Friends, family and volunteers are the perfect resource for this type of event. encourage them to hand the flyers out at work, meetings, etc.
  • Send out press releases and public service announcements to local newspapers, radio stations and television stations.
  • Set realistic expectations.  Consider the dollar amount of funds you want to receive from the fundraiser. for example, if you want to earn $225, your organization needs $1,500 in sales.  if the average guest spends $15.00, approximately 100 people will need to participate in the fundraiser to reach your goal.
  • Promote, promote, promote.  Ultimately, the enthusiasm of the organization’s members to promote the event is the biggest factor in success. Distributing flyers and posters to your supporters 1-2 weeks in advance is optimal. display the posters provided at your organization’s meeting location and other community locations (with permission). Remember email and social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) are cost effective ways to promote your event.
  • Please use the verbiage from the sample flyer in any communications about the fundraiser. it should be clear that the event does not discount meals; it simply raises funds for your group. etc.